FlyNano – Electric Aircraft no Need for a Pilots License

When I saw the picture to the left of this writing I though to myself “cool – another futuristic looking radio controlled aircraft. I bet it’s controlled by your iPad or XOOM or something…” But no. This is a REAL aircraft!

Man was born to fly – that’s according to FlyNano’s press release anyhow.

The FlyNano is the brainchild of Aki Suokas and, after 10 years of development, you have an aircraft that weighs less than 70 kilos, including a drive train under 20 kilos. You see, once those weights are exceeded then you legally have a plane – and that means having to get a pesky license, etc.

FlyNano debuted three new ‘single-seat fun flyers’ at last week’s Aero 2011 show in Friedrichshafen, Germany: The E200, G240 and the R260/300 – a 20 kW electric model, and ones with a 24 bhp, and 35 bhp petrol powered engine. Top speed is around 87 mph whereas the minimum flight speed is a mere 44 mph.

We’re not talking high-speed flight here, more relaxed personal travel although, there may be a tiny snag as the FlyNano’s theoretically travel distance is only 70 km (43.5 miles).

It can take off and land from the water making it ideal for those who happen to live near a lake and want a cheap flying machine – I have some ponds near by…

The company reckons you’ll be able to get skyward as soon as unpacking one of these flying machines – but there are still the laws of the skies to keep in mind – no buzzing Heathrow and the likes for a start!

All-in-all these look pretty fun and are obviously aimed at those that include owning and flying aircraft as a ‘hobby’. I could well imagine one or two of these being moored next to a yacht somewhere warm instead of those common jetski things 😉

Prices range from €25,000 to €27,000 and shipping will begin in three months – so start saving and perhaps look to increasing your medical insurance.

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