Fly Through Google Earth via Your Browser

google_earth_logoThe Google Earth crew released a brand new plugin that allows users to view Google Earth tours directly from their web browsers.

These tours,  introduced in the 5.0 release of Google Earth in February, allows the user to create virtual fly-throughs across any location on Google Earth which all looks quite cool!

Google has compiled a handful of the best tours in this gallery, which includes a reenactment of Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson and a quick tour through San Francisco.

It will gobble up some space though as the plug-in needs 30 MB (80 megabytes after installing on a Mac), so it can hardly be considered lightweight.

Ignoring the size it’s pretty impressive and I can see travel companies using it to give customers a run-through of the various tours they offer.

It’s also another thing to waste time on when you should be working 😉