Flowlab Skateboard Dishes out 45 Degree Carves

Here’s another new way to possibly injure yourself.

This is the Flowlab skateboard which comes from the twisted minds of Mike and Maaike in collaboration with Pieter Schouten.

Speaking as someone that attempted to ride skateboards but, after spending more time face-to-asphalt than on-board I opted for the slightly less scary BMX (but still have scars on knees and elbows from borked jumps and stuffing my bike into trees, etc) I found the 25 degree lean that conventional skateboards can manage plenty enough thank you very much.

Well, for those speed junkies and assorted mentalists out there – the Flowlab allows you to carve at 45 degrees thanks to its arched axle cleverness!!!

The Flowlab Skateboard allows you to surf without waves and ride without snow.

So if you nutters want to have a go just contact these danger designers and perhaps add more padding 😉

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