Flatshare Fridge – Keep Your Food To Yourself

I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve only had to share my house or flat once with someone other than my partner at the time – and then that was with another bassplayer in a West London penthouse.

I did say I was lucky 😉

(Big shout out to Johnny Mac!)

Others I know have not been so blessed; forced to share a house or appartment with half-a-dozen other people whether at University or when they moved to the big city.

One source of contention, other than cleaning duties, is fridge space.

Thankfully the annual Electrolux Design Lab has birthed this modular fridge, designed to keep each student’s bread, beer and red bull completely separate.

With the Flatshare Fridge everyone gets there own very separate compartment that still has a tall section for bottles and a smaller side for veg (students eat veg?).

This design also negates having to share fridge space with Stinky Kev or with the person that just loves Toulouse sausages.

When you manage to get someone to live in the space under the stairs or if you decide to sublet the living room you can just add another unit on top for them as well.

I think this should be fitted as standard in any flat/house share!



Electrolux Design Lab