Flatpacked Ghetto-Blaster

CardBoomBoxIf, like me, you lived your formative years through the 80’s when kids playing music through their tiny, hissy, phone speakers on the bus was just a futuristic dream – back then you had teenagers sat at the back of the bus into town carrying a huge boom-box covered in stickers blaring out hip-hop, or if you were lucky something more tasteful like Joy Division or Bauhaus.

Now you can relive those times and all it takes is an iPod and some cardboard.  Yup, cardboard!

This retro portable player comes flatpacked and has real powered speakers via 2 AA batteries (the ones in the 80’s took between 6 and 8 huge ‘torch’ batteries).

Go on – relive your youth, or become part of the retro-incrowd for £18.95 from Gadgets.co.uk– unfortunately you have to supply your own lino and B-Boy moves.