Flares Pro earphones pack game changing tech

flares pro earphones cableBritish audio tech company, Flare Audio, has announced the launch of the Flares Pro earphones. Not only are they packing a trio of new technologies, but Flare is dubbing them as “game changers”.

Using the science of how we hear and the subsequent development of three completely new technologies, these new earphones proimise to make listening to music clearer and more comfortable.

They also have the unique ability to easily switch from wired to Bluetooth.

Flare Flares Pro

flares pro earphonesAimed at music lovers and professionals working in the music industry, they have been tested by industry experts. Those experts have rated the Flares Pro above earphones costing over £1000.

This is Flare’s second consumer earphone, the first R2 version received much love. Now, thanks to significant investment, extensive R&D and Flare’s scientific breakthrough in sound re-production, these latest earphones should offer a huge step up in audio quality.

What’s new?

[amazon_link asins=’B01MS1QDF9′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’gadgnews-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=”]As well as having the handy skill of being switchable from wired to Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.1 with APT-X, the Flares Pro has some other natty features. According to the company, they will deliver superb passive noise isolation, blocking external noise. This I tend to believe as they also produce a range of ear plugs.
However, what separates the Flares Pro from other earphones must be the three unique new technologies developed by Flare:

Anti-resonance technology

Contained within Grade 5 Titanium housing is a single 5.5mm dynamic driver with a Beryllium coated diaphragm for maximum rigidity.
Additionally, there’s Balanced Class A-B outputs and MMCX connections.
The unique driver clamping system and the use of Titanium for the housing eliminates all unwanted resonances. This means that the only “acoustic energy” source is the driver. This translates to all you’ll hear is the music.

Dual Jet technology

flares pro boxedIgnoring the temptation for toilet-humour, Dual Jet tech levels out the driver pressure.

Sound emerging from the front of the driver is delivered to the mouth of the earphone via an acoustic coupler (or jet). This has been designed to present a modified acoustic load to the driver.

The technology is also applied to the rear earphone chamber. This then ensures that the driver is pressure balanced, front to rear. The result is symmetrical diaphragm movement which, according to Flare, is the key to the Pro’s performance.

Acoustic Lens technology

Flares Pro are supplied with a selection of tips: Audiophile, Universal and Everyday.

Of these, both the Everyday (silicone) and Audiophile (memory foam) tips employ Acoustic Lens Technology. However, this is different to the tech with the same name from B&O though.

Flare’s version extends the exit profile of the acoustic jet through the foam tip. This, they say, provides optimised coupling directly to the ear canal, even when the tips are compressed.


Davies Roberts, Flare’s inventor, states:

Music is constantly evolving. For over 50 years, the way we record, store and access music has changed, but the industry’s approach to earphone and speaker technology has stagnated. Current technology poses issues for hearing fatigue, as well as room for significant improvement in clarity. We took up the challenge and have found a new way of developing earphones that is focused on delivering the purest sound with the smallest of interventions. In order to move forward, we have gone back to the very beginning; to understand how sound interacts with our ears on a molecular level.”

Words from the industry

Hearing music on FLARES is like being in the studio. It’s a natural, big, live sound that really makes listening to music a whole new experience.”

Nick O’Malley Arctic Monkeys: Bass player

These are the best earphones ever. I mix on these. The detail, clarity and low end are ‘pinch me, am I dreaming?’ great.”

Tony Visconti, Grammy award-winning producer (David Bowie, T-Rex, Iggy Pop)

Price and availability

You can purchase the Flares Pro earphones now for £349 including VAT. Worldwide shipping is also available.

What’s included?

flares pro bundlePackaged in a stunning black multi-layer cube, Flares Pro includes a wireless Bluetooth module and 3.5mm jack cable.

You also get those three types of tips, including the Pro audiophile tips made of high grade memory foam.

Furthermore, there’s the sturdy Flares Pro carry case.

Moreover, all the cables have been stress tested over 100k times.