Fitter the Chung Shi Shoe Way

Lets get one thing straight from the start – these are NOT bought for fashion – obviously. 

So why should you put down £130-£150 on these trainers?

If, like me, the festive seasons binging is still gathered around your midrift and your life hasn’t got room for gym sessions and the like; then these may be worth the cash.

Apparently this footware is able to improve your core stability, strengthen your core muscles and tone your pins and your abs – all whilst walking to the kebab health food store.

The stroll to the local might prove troublesome with the constant rocking action due to the 15 degree gradient in the shoe – but, lets face it, the walk back will hardly be any diffferent ;0,

You’ll also be burning those pesky calories thanks to the 275% upgrade on the amount you work on your leg muscles.  Bonus! Say I!

If you laugh at the 15 degree version get yourself the 20 degree one!  Yup – it’s available.

So – get fit, get buns of steel, ripped abs and a stronger core – just no awards for your fashion footware!