Fitness Cube – Workout Furniture

fitness-cube2My fitness bench is still in bits in my Dads garage since I moved to London – at the moment getting a place with enough room to house my music gear as well as a weights-bench is still a ways off.

The Fitness Cube is a 30-in-1 exercise machine “disguised as a high tech piece of furniture”.

The blurb states that it only weighs 15kg so can easily be lugged out in to the middle of the room so you can smash through that pain barrier!

All the gear is hidden away under the lid including mats and a slide out bench so you can have a quick sit down to catch your breath before you start working those problem areas.


There’s a range of bars and straps to work most areas of your body as well as variable resistance so you can sort out your particular problem areas.

fitness cubePriced at £99 and most importantly it comes with a DVD to show you how to use it.