Fitbit Alta for fashionable fitness

Fitbit Alta topFitbit Alta has just been announced by the wearable fitness tech company but this one is different.

The Fitbit Alta is a leather, bracelet-like activity tracker with a tap-sensitive, monochrome OLED display. The difference is that this bit of trackside tech is actually aimed at everyday wearers, rather than fitness junkies.

The Fitbit Alta is there to record daily activity levels, including steps and sleep.

Basically, the Alta will vibrate when you’ve been curled up on the sofa for too long and bug you to get up off your butt.

The new wearable includes Fitbit’s relatively new ‘smart track’ feature, which is supposed to automatically recognise when you’ve started to get physical – running, cycling, thank kind of thing – it will then log it on Fitbit’s mobile app for you.

Fitbit Alta GoldThe wristband will naturally squirt notifications from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones through vibrations and on the band’s display.

You don’t get fancy optical heart rate sensors, or GPS, but the upside of that is that the Alta’s battery life is said to last up to five days on a full charge.

It is a pretty nice looking bit of kit with its silver stainless steel (with a gold stainless steel version in the works) body which can be attached to a variety of different hide leather bands.

This is the whole point of the Fitbit Alta – this is a conscious move away from the more utilitarian, sports-centric wearables, where Fitbit has done very well but there is more scope in the more fashion-forward arena.

Fitbit Alta pricing and availability

Fitbit Alta is available for £99.99 for presale today at The tracker will be available in North America beginning in March 2016, with global availability starting in April 2016.

At launch, Fitbit Alta will be available in a black, blue, teal or plum high-performance fitness band with a satin finish, silver stainless steel tracker; shiny gold stainless steel tracker option coming soon. The following accessories will also be available at launch:

  • Classic fitness bands available in black, blue, teal and plum £19.99
  • Luxe soft, premium hide leather bands available in graphite and blush pink £49.99; camel coming soon
  • Luxe hand-polished stainless steel silver bangle £79.99 coming this summer and shiny gold bangle coming later this year