Fishy Weather – Retro Met-Office Set

Remember when the Met-Office sent the lads to tell us the weather?  They’d be there in their best tweed suits moving magnetic symbols around in an attempt to tell us what the weather will (probably) be doing tomorrow?

Now it’s all svelte young blondes and more computer graphics than your average Hollywood blockbuster!

The top man was Michael Fish of course.  A man who dedicated 30 years of his life to making sure people like us didn’t forget our umbrellas.

Now the man that is the weather legend (bar the slight miscalculation regarding an unforeseen hurricane in ’89), is yours to stick to your fridge, along with 34 other magnetic retro magnets Fished from the vaults of the BBC. Have a go at doing your own forecast, you’ll be surprised at how accurate it is.

This has to be a great British Christmas gift idea!


  • A set of fridge magnets immortalising Michael Fish and the weather forecast as it used to be.
  • 34 magnets depicting different types of weather and 1 magnet depicting the legend that is Michael Fish.
  • Magnets include: 1 x Michael Fish (of course), 1x bright intervals, 1 x sunny, 1 x sunny spells, 3 x rain, 3 x hail, 8 x temperatures, 1 x black cloud, 1 x lightning, 1 x white cloud, 1 x fog, 1 x mist, 1 x warm front, 1 x cold front, 3 x snow, 3 x wind speeds, 1 x storm, 1 x gales, 1 x today, 1 x tomorrow.
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +.
  • Size: 21 x 15cm (based on one sheet of magnets).
This great stocking filler is available from IWOOT for a fab £7.99