First Pioneer Google Honeycomb Tablet – ePad H10 HD

Looking for an Android tablet but not bothered about the makers name?

Before you tell me that Pioneer is a well respected name in the realm of audio – I realise that. You see, this Honeycomb tablet comes courtesy of Pioneer Computers who just happens to be an Australian laptop cobbler who has gone into tablets as well.

The ePad H10 HD is the Aussie Pioneer’s first foray into Google Honeycomb and comes sporting the usual Tegra II 120, 1GB of RAM, a 10.1″ 1280×800 capacitive screen, dual cameras (5MP at the rear and 2 megapixels at the front), 16-64GB of SSD storage, GPS, 3G, and loaded with Google’s Honeycomb OS.

The ePad tips the scales at a portable 760g and is a svelte 12mm thick.

Yup, there’s very little difference between the ePad H10 HD specs and those of Motorola’s XOOM so the $700 (Australian) is not a bad deal.

The thing is – I’d bet that the XOOM has been put together better, feels better quality and, until now, I have never heard of the Australian firm.

You should be able to get an ePad H10 in April but I’m in no place to guarantee that 😉

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