First optical cable for guitarists announced [video]

light leadIconic Sound has introduced the world’s first optical analogue, jack-to-jack, guitar cable – The Light Lead.

Optical cables, that use light to transmit signals, have long been in any self-respecting audiophile’s cable collection. But never have they made the jump to the live musician’s arsenal. Until now.

The advantage of an optical guitar cable is zero capacitance and zero loading which means a precise, dynamic and clear sound.

Traditionally guitar cable manufacturers, using the standard multi-strand copper cable, have managed to minimise capacitance but have never been able to totally eliminate it. This has resulted in a loss of high frequencies especially on longer leads. Whereas optical cables, no matter the length, maintain the signal quality.

The PVC coated Light Lead uses ultra high density, small diameter optical analogue cables that are resistant to crushing and impact giving them a virtually infinite life. They are electrically safe with full electro-magnetic immunity, which makes them distortion and interference free.

Subsonic and motion noise, static and interference will be a thing of the past; never again will guitarists’ find their cables acting as aerials.

With these advantages they are ideal for use in environments that depend on consistent reliable sound delivery whether it’s on stage or in the studio.

With the amount of leads that I’ve had ‘disappear’ over the years I’m guessing that the price of these new leads will mean that they won’t be appearing at pub gigs any time soon and, if they did, their owners will be carrying them around at all times 😉

Iconic Sound will debut The Light Lead at the Winter NAMM show from 23 January. Hopefully pricing and a release date will be announced then too.

I’d love to try out a comparison between the Light Lead and the usual higher end standard leads I use.

Check out the video below.

[youtube id=”1SXBKGR55kc”]

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