First Manned Flight of e-volo – Personal Electro Copter

Does the sound of a personal helicopter that’s affordable to run and use instead of a scooter to work sound a little, well, 21st Century to you? Let me introduce you to e-volo πŸ™‚

You’ve probably seen what are classed as being multicopters before – the many rotor packing flying machines – as models and drones. In the hands of someone that knows what they’re doing they are extremely stable in the air.

This is why the people behind e-volo have strapped loads to a lightweight frame – I love the imaginative use of the Swiss Ball as a shock-absorbing landing gear πŸ˜‰

The best bit of this development is that e-volo are aiming to mass produce affordable personal flying machines for everyone. It also looks like they’re on target as they’ve already manager 20-30 minutes flight time and word is that a one hour fight would cost just €6!

How much was that Tube ticket again?

Chalk me down for an electric-powered personal multicopter right now – I’ll park it on the roof πŸ™‚

You can witness the world’s first manned electric powered copter flight in the video below.

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