First iPhone 5 Picture Actually from Apple

Here we go again – but this latest iPhone pic comes from Apple!

Apparently, in the latest beta of Apple’s Photo Stream app, there is a an icon for the iPhone – but it looks like no iPhone that is out….. yet 😉

Click the pic and then click again to enlarge 🙂

This iPhone looks a lot like the renders and suggestions taken from cases being readied for iPhone 5.

You get the larger and wider screen with a thinner bezel and the home button looks wider too – could this be the gesture area as mentioned before?

While the rumours, hints and ‘spy shots’ are all very well – this is the first picture to actually come from Apple!

It might not be long til we know the facts as it sounds like Apple has left another handset in a bar!

Mind you – there is a distinct hint of Samsung S2 about it as well 😛

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