Firework Launcher – Remember Remember, Don’t Blow Yourself Up

It’s coming up to the Emergency Services’ busy period once more.

It’s also 2008 so when instructed to light your fireworks at arms length with a special taper we should laugh heartedly.

Not because we’re a little simple but because there is now the Firework Launcher.

This gadget keeps you well away from those annual explosives.

The aptly named Firework Launcher can fire off five fireworks in sequence at any one time from a distance of 25 metres.

It’s also programmed to only work with only one ID at time so if your neighbour has read this and purchased the same there’s no risk of setting off his ornate display when you’re trying to let fly 5 super airbomb repeaters at once 🙂

The Firework Launcher is battery-powered, available now and costs £19.99.

Maplin via T3