Fiio E5 Headphone Amp – Drive Your Cans

I know some of you are rocking some pretty impressive audio kit.  With that you’ve proabably got some sweet, sweet headphones for when your partner doesn’t want to hear Jaco Pastorious get experimental or Opeth chugging away.

Unfortunately not all media players have the power to make those hefty drivers in your cans really work.

Little things like iPod Nanos have enough to drive tiny in-ear headphones and earbuds, but at some point you get headphones where that signal just isn’t enough.

All you need to do is drop less than £15 and get yourself this itsy amp from Fiio .

The E5 replaces their E3 and boosts the signal without adding noise and makes your nice audio gear sound great when you’ve gone all portable.

It’s not yet ready on their website but I’m certainly tempted for when I’m wanting to use my fully enclosed monsters on the train, etc 🙂