Ferrari of the Sky – Augusta AW139 Executive

Agusta PininfarinaYou’ve got the Ferrari but it still gets overtaken by cycle-couriers in the heart of London.

You need a way, preferably designed by Pininfarina, to get you into the city without the inconvenience of joining all the human cattle on the ground.

If you wander over to Aero Toy Store they have just the thing that you’re looking for; namely the super-deluxe 2008 Pininfarina edition Agusta AW139 Executive helicopter.

At the heart of the chopper’s luxurious design is a nine-passenger VIP cabin, featuring Two Zone Climate Control, a deluxe entertainment system with Airshow type mapping display, two 15″ monitors, CD/DVD/satellite radio/satellite/I-pod capability operated by a menu driven touch screen controller, eight speakers and a woofer sound system.

It should be available right now so it could be yours in the time it takes for that bank to transfer your money from Switzerland.

Pricing on the Agusta AW139 is on a “you have to ask, you can’t afford” basis.

Aero Toystore