Fender Strat: Sound of the Underground

tfl fender guitarThe London Tube map has been immortalised on a new special edition Stratocaster guitar through a partnership between Fender and London Underground.

The Tube map is an iconic symbol London. Designed by Harry Beck in the 1930’s, as well helping people navigate the capital, it has become an emblem of British culture. Furthermore, it was recently voted one of the top transport ‘Design Icons’ of all time. This makes it a perfect partner for another design classic – the Fender Stratocaster.

Signal to noise – TfL Strat

london tube strat guitarMany guitarists will swear that a tube amp gives them the perfect tone. So, why not add a tube guitar into the mix?

The new partnership between Fender and London Underground has produced a limited edition Strat.

Limited to 100 pieces, the special edition guitar is available exclusively from the London Transport Museum shop. Each instrument features a serial number denoting it as one of a hundred. Additionally they all display the TfL logo on the back of the headstock.

Finally, they come in the classic Strat configuration of three single coil pickups and that comfortable maple neck.

Price and availability

You can buy the limited edition Tube Map Strat right now from the London Transport Museum shop.

Also, it is available online priced at £699.99