Fear 2: Project Origin is For London Pussies!

fear-2-gaming-advert-animal-2FEAR 2: Project Origin is for pussies!

Well, little cute, black, witch’s familiar type cats at least.

The First Person Shooter has employed a crack team of London felines in its latest advertising push to tie in with the game’s launch on Friday the 13th.

Warner Brothers will be using black cats as billboards for the game! I would’ve preferrrrred to have seen the cats carrying those plackards on Oxford Street.

Don’t worry cat fans!

It’s all humane and above board, as these have all been “specially trained”.

If your pet puss is jealous of these other cats swaggering about the City in their natty geek-chic you can request FEAR 2 clothing for your own cat by calling 020 7841 6668.

Check out the Fear 2 Cat Team below: