Fancy Self-Winding Clockwork Phone: CELSIUS X VI II Micro-Mechanical Remontage Papillon Tourbillon Mobile Phone

I’m not a huge fan of garish, overly expensive mobile phones – I just don’t see the point unless you’re a Z-List ‘celeb’ and lack the imagination as to what to spend your fee for embarrassing yourself on the latest reality TV show.

Thing is, I do love mechanical watches (RADO especially if anyone wants to add to my collection – would really appreciate a Spacewing or NCC 303) so this Celsius X-VI-II $300,000 mechanical cellphone caught my interest.

Apparently this phone will be officially outed at Baselworld Watch Show but Watchismo has busted loose some shots of this ‘butterfly-inspired’ mechanical mobile.

Naturally the swish mechanism is exposed so the less rich (or more tasteful) can marvel at your blowers intricate workmanship.

From what I gather this phone is ‘wound’ and therefore powered (I guess) from the ‘Remontage Papillon’ or butterfly rewinding mechanical system that’s hidden in the phone’s ‘wings’.

I’m hoping that this phone is actually as stated: “A dream that embraces a concept that is still impossible today but may one day come true: an entirely mechanical cellphone!”

If this phone is truly powered and recharged by an automatic watch-style mechanism then this is very impressive! If, on the other-hand, all the gears, etc (beautiful though they are) are just for the implanted watch, then sorry Celsius – it’s rather naff at €200,000

I’m guessing we’ll all know more after Baselworld 2010.

What do you think?

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