Facebook Used More Than Google

According to data collected by information gathering service Hitwise, Facebook has had a great 2010 and was the year’s most visited website in the US. Of course, that is only if you count each Google property separately.

The stats say that Facebook.com accounted for 8.93% of all US internet traffic and for the first time picked up top spot ahead of last year’s winner which managed a total of 7.19% for Google.com.

The figures obviously don’t include all the other bits of Google, such as Docs and Mail, etc which all add up to make 9.85% of all the internet traffic whereas Facebook properties only manage 8.93%.

Myspace seems to have slipped yet again down to seventh place – good news for Yahoo though!  Both mail and .com are hanging on in the top five.

I can’t see that searching the interweb has decreased but I think that social networking and user created content is increasing.

What are your thoughts?

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