Facebook Updates – Even Boring When You’re on the Run

This just shows how ingrained updating your social networking pages has become.

The last thing on my mind would be to send tweets or update my Facebook status – but not so Craig Lynch.

Lynch is actually an escaped prisoner and he’s been updating his friends about life on the run via his Facebook page – much to the annoyance of the old Bill.

Craig Lynch, 28, was serving the final portion of a seven-year jail term for aggravated burglary when he escaped during day release.

Police are now trying to catch Lynch using clues left in his Facebook updates as well as appealing to his 248 friends for information regarding his whereabouts.

A photograph on the page shows Lynch looking at the camera and holding up a finger in an apparent defiant gesture.

While on-the-run Lynch posted details of him nearly crashing his car in the icy weather, and of the meals he had.

Hmmm……… you’d think that an escaped con would be able to have more exciting updates than “just ate some toast” or whatever wouldn’t you?

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