Facebook Places Hits UK – News Feed Spam Ahoy!

Want to fill your friend’s Facebook newsfeed with more spammage?

Great news – Facebook Places is up and running in the UK and if you’re a friend of mine on Facebook you may have been enthralled by my journey to the day job this morning (or not if you’re a certain Kevin King) 😉

You can clog up people’s pages too and all you need is the Facebook for iPhone app, or through its mobile site touch.facebook.com.

It has been running for about a month in the states and the app allows you to ‘check in’ to places just like Foursquare. The thing is, you can’t multiply your annoyance via Twitter and the likes – so a win there for Foursquare. But Places uses Googlemaps instead of Bing’s map service.

As well as the ‘people here now’ list, when you check in you can check your friends in who are accompanying you – I’ve mixed feelings about this. I can see that when there’s a posse of you heading to the pub it could be cool for a nominated person to check everyone in but imagine if you’re at an AA meeting or counseling session and someone checks you in – not that I attend such things you understand.

Foursquare is working to integrate with Facebook right now apparently so this should make things interesting as to see if the badges and mayorships come to play in Facebook Places as well.

What do you think about all this?

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