Facebook Officially One of the Web’s Worst

What is probably one of the biggest social networking sites which recently clocked up 500 MILLION members has come near the bottom of the 2010 American Customer Survey Index which was conducted by ForeSee Results.

Facebook got a pitiful 64 out of 100 points in a customer satisfaction survey; that’s lower than any other business in its category.

It only just scraped above poor old Myspace (which has become more of a place for musicians and bands than individuals) by one point.

ForeSee Results CEO Larry Freed says that “privacy concerns, frequent changes to the website, and commercialization and advertising” are responsible for the low rating. Those reasons for dissatisfaction mirror the ones revealed in previous surveys.

At the other end of the scale: Google scored of 80 (7 points down on last year’s score), Bing and Wikipedia managed a 77, Yahoo pulled a 76 and YouTube landed at 73.

Oddly Twitter wasn’t rated as judging was deemed to be too tricky as so many users access the mini-blogging network via third party apps – I have recently gone back to Twitter’s iPhone app since the overhaul.

This just goes to prove that even though most Facebookers aren’t exactly pleased with the experience they’re not being offered a strong alternative.

Most of the gigs, parties and other events I get to know about are dropped to me through Facebook. Most of Subset‘s group communication happens via Facebook message threads.

Do you know of a social networking site that could challenge Facebook?

What do you want Facebook to fix?

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