Facebook Music Streaming Service Announced

Music streaming is still all the rage it seems as is social networking. We’ve seen LastFM do ok with this mash-up and Spotify, mFlow, etc all have since jumped on the social streaming band-wagon. Apple’s Ping, however, seems to have had a rather weak welcome. Can Facebook do better?

Facebook Music is looking like its getting comfy in the starting blocks ready to launch at the company’s ‘f8’ conference in August.

By all accounts the social streamer will Facebook Music will slurp content from a rather large pool including the likes of Spotify.

The new service will live under a ‘Music’ tab nestled amongst ‘Groups’ and ‘Events’ tabs.

Clicking the Music tab will transport you to your personal dashboard, from which you can play music and see what your connected friends are listening to. Your friends will also be able recommend tracks based on what they think you’ll like after seeing the embarrassing pop you’ve been playing when you thought they’d left their puter 😉

Spotify is a confirmed partner, but there will be others joining the party. It sounds like that all you’ll have to do is link the streaming service you prefer with Facebook via Facebook Connect you’ll be able to play and control your music through a set of controls at the bottom of your Facebook page.

We’ll have to wait til its release in August to see if it will be a hit or go the luke warm path of Ping which even the King of Pop couldn’t turn around.

Judging by how many people spend an endless amount of time on Facebook it should be a winner.

With the film rentals on FB already and soon this streaming music app joining it – what else can FB take before someone cries monopoly?

What say you?

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