Facebook Messenger Gets Read Receipts so You Know if Someone did Get Your Message – Even if They say They didn’t

facebook messenger appIf you’ve got friends that consistently tell you “sorry mate, didn’t see your Facebook message about that” and you’re sure they did but have no way of proving it, then happy days. The Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and iPad has been updated in your favour.

The iOS Facebook app now has read receipts which means that you know when someone’s got your message, and exactly how long it’s taking them to reply.

So, if they’ve received it and not replied, or are just taking hours to do so – you will know 😉

Other features include the ability to text direct from the app for free, or start group conversations.

Free push notifications mean you’ll never miss a message, so you wont be able to use the “didn’t see the message” excuse either – which is only fair.

Instant messaging conversations and standard messages will be collated too in order to create a seamless conversation whenever you log in. You will also get to see when the other person is typing, just like most IM desktop apps 🙂

You can also share your location and photos within the Messenger app.

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