Facebook Gifts – for the glory hunters and stalkers

facebook giftsYour friends, ex’s, colleagues, siblings and probably your parents are all on Facebook and now you can buy gifts directly from Facebook for them and they will be delivered straight to their door. Some of you might be thinking – if I wanted to send them a gift I could do that from any online store. True. So, what makes Facebook Gifts different?

We all know someone who can’t do a good deed without plastering it all over Facebook. Most of us will also know those that crave attention and ego strokes. To me, this is ideal Facebook Gifts territory.

The gift buying process is straight-forward enough. Nip over to the Wall of the lucky person who will be getting the gift and instead of sharing that highly amusing YouTube vid you can share real stuff. Like an LED dinosaur or similar.

facebook gifts how to

As soon as you’ve paid for that Starbucks voucher, teddy bear or cake, the action of your gift-giving will then be seen by hundreds, maybe thousands of people – no doubt to the adoring chants of “wow!” and “what a lovely thing to do” which will all go to your kudos bank of niceness and self-gratification.

You could even double-up the ‘great guy’ factor by publicly donating a gift to charity on someone’s behalf. How nice is that? Surely everyone’s a winner with that one?

The best thing is that you don’t even need to know the recipient’s address – yup, you could send things to that ‘Friend’ you have been stalking for the past 8 months. The thing is, they have to click accept.

My cynicism aside – being able to send a little something to someone (you can do this privately) just because the mood takes you or you’ve noticed their birthday is tomorrow on your reminders list may actually be handy.

The thing is it does appear to me that the effort it used to take to get someone a gift or be an all-round good guy seems to be getting easier. Dare I say, too easy?

Prove me wrong – buy me something! 😀  Heheheheh!

What do you think?

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