Facebook Getting Skype Integration

I’ve had Skype on my puter for quite a few years and when it was released for the iPhone I downloaded that app.

I’ve used it a handful of times with my band-mates that are based over in Germany and Austria and that’s about it.

My brother will soon be taking his family back to Canada and my interest in Skype has been renewed.

There’s word going round that Facebook and Skype may be looking at getting it together.

The first thing I’ve managed to uncover is that you wont be able to Skype video chat through Facebook – at least not for a while.  Good news is that Facebook and Skype do say that video chat is seen as being the “logical progression” to the partnership – so here’s hoping 😉

Skype 5.0 (which should appear in a few weeks) will enable you to connect with your Facebook friends list through Skype which, to me, sounds kinda groovy.

I think this may also make people that have never tried using Skype (and it is a handy tool to use) give it a whirl. The same goes for all those that have already signed up to the VoIP service – Apparently less than a quarter of its 560 million members are active!

Skype + something most of us check at least twice daily = WIN!

Let me know if this will make you more likely to use Skype in the comments bit below 🙂

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