Facebook finally gets Dislike button. Kinda.

facebook dislike buttonIt has been requested by many who have had friends update their Facebook status with bad news but it has never arrived, until now. Kinda.

Facebook must be a positive place as Liking comments and status updates on the social network has been a long-standing feature. But how are you supposed to quickly demonstrate your disdain? Surely the ideal would be to prod a Dislike button? Well, you can as of today.

While Facebook is still yet to introduce a fully fledged dislike button, the Messenger part of the service is getting a giant thumbs-down sticker as part of a free pack released this week.

Stickers were originally introduced in April, but a recent hackathon has resulted in a “Likes” sticker pack that includes a sore thumb, fiery thumb, poke, and lots more.

The new sticker pack is available from the Sticker Store, which you get to via the smiley face in the text box within a Facebook Messenger chat session.

facebook likes sticker packWell, it’s free and at least you’ll be able to show your friends what you really think about their cracker-quality jokes – and it’s free!

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