Facebook Facelift

New FacebookGet ready for yet another Facebook Group – the “Give Us Back The Old Layout” group!

Possibly something to do with the reported fall in visitors to the social networking site, Facebook is soon to roll out some major changes to its layout.

The revamp to member’s profile pages will mean that you won’t be able to see a member’s entire profile on one screen, but you will have to click through tabs to see different sections.

I can only guess that this is a bid to boost page clicks because personal information will be on one tab of a profile, whereas the “wall” will be on a separate tab while a third tab will link to photos and so on.

Extra tabs will be customisable and members will be able to create them for their favourite applications.

“As more and more information is available on Facebook – more photo albums, more applications, and more history – we’ve realized that Profiles have become cluttered and slow as a result,” Facebook says.

“We’re trying to make profiles more simple and relevant, while still giving you control over your profile and how you express yourself.”

I wonder if they can also stop having to add 50 of your friends before you receive your answer to “What 80’s Hit Are You?” and “What Type of Balloon Would You Be?” tests?