Facebook Brings Email, Chat and Texts Together

Facebook really wants you to stay on the site – even when checking your emails, Chat and texts thanks to their new messaging system.

Everything in one place.

Chat streams will all land in your inbox which brings together your instant messaging, text messages and email in one place. So, no matter how you were contacted all the conversation is listed under your chatty friend’s name.


Facebook Messages will sift out chit-chat from other folk so that word from people you really want to hear from will outrank random spammage. New messages from your friends will land top-of-the-heap. You have the option to include messages from their friends, too. All other messages are organised in a folder marked Other. Updates and messages from Groups you are in and Pages you like also appear in the Other folder. Obviously you can move messages between folders as you wish to organise them.

Messages is being rolled out “over the next few months” – keep your eyes peeled for the notification that a new era of communication has arrived!

What will I have to do then?

Once you’ve agreed to joining this journey you will be asked to choose the email address and phone number that will correspond to your Facebook username.

Phone number? Well, that’s how you’ll send and receive messages via Facebook when you’re not in front of your puter – when you’re online you’ll be receiving and replying to your messages using Facebook Chat.

Replying to emails in chat you say? Imagine this: Your buddy slings you an email – that will land in your Facebook Chat window – You see it, read it and then bounce your reply straight from there – your Chat-typed reply then will land in your friends email inbox quick-smart.  Bosh!

So – are you agog with amazement at this latest development from Facebook? Is this the Gmail killer you were expecting? Has this planted the last nail into the Myspace coffin?

Or is this just over hyped and you could see all of this coming a mile off?

Personally, all the non-urgent chat between the members of SUBSET is conducted through a private Facebook Group and Inbox conversations so having a central place that we can follow all the threads is pretty good for us 🙂

You want to have a go?

Well, at the moment you need to be invited – so, why not head to the Facebook Messaging Page and ask for an invite? Once you’ve done that all you have to do is wait for Facebook to do the update and away you go 🙂

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