F3 Racing Car Fueled By Chocolate and Made of Veg

worldfirst_ecof3University designers have come up with a Formula Three racing car that’s powered by chocolate oils with body work made from potatoes. Oh and the steering wheel is made from carrot fibres and the seat from soybean foam.


Dr Kerry Kirwan, of Warwick University, said the aim was to design something “fun, fast and exciting”.

Unfortunately the car isn’t able to prove itself in the F3 class races as it would be banned because its fuel is not ‘regualtion’ – being made up of oils found in chocolate.

But Dr Kirwan, of the university’s International Automotive Research Centre, said it would deliver the same performance as a racing car made from more standard materials.

He said he hoped the design would make the sport and the wider motor industry re-think their use of green technology and fuels.

A realy tasy motor if you ask me. 🙂