Eyejusters adjustable reading glasses review

Eyejusters reading glasses


Build quality


Ease of use




Value for money



  • Good range of designs
  • Easy to adjust even for old hands
  • Effective
  • Not too expensive
  • Can be adjusted as eyes change


  • Can pick up a pair of generic readers on the high street

eyejusters adjustment dialMy parents, as many other people do, tend to pick up those ‘one-size-fits-all’ style reading glasses that you can generally find on stands in pharmacists. I watch them adjust their focus by bringing the newspaper or a book closer and then further away until its comfortable. Eyejusters, however, allows each person to adjust the lenses to how they need them.

As a long-time glasses wearer I practically take for granted the fact that I can go in to any high street and find an opticians, book an appointment and get my eyes tested and then buy some new spectacles. Even better is the fact that I can get vouchers to cover the price of the eye test and towards any new glasses if my prescription has changed.

In developing nations, many people aren’t afforded the opportunity to visit an optitician. Eyejusters originally set out to bring their brand of adjustable lenses to areas such as those and they continue their work in these parts of the world.

So, continuing my ‘unusual things that GadgetyNews gets to review‘ I have had these glasses, “aimed at the over 40s”  sent over. These Eyejusters can be bought in range of modern designs for those who now find themselves uttering the phrase “let me just put my readers on”.

Eyejusters design

At first glance these glasses look like any other set of specs.

The pair that I have been sent are in black coated stainless steel.

eyejusters packagingThese have been formed from a single sheet making them strong and lightweight. You can chose from stainless steel or combination frames that come with high quality finishes, acetate or stainless steel arms and comfortable nosepads.

eyejusters overheadThe clever bit is the adjustment wheels which are located discretely behind the frame.

Turning these screws allows the lenses to adjust independently of each other and so allows them to more closely match the individual wearer’s needs. Let’s face it, who has identical prescriptions for both eyes – I certainly don’t.

Eyejusters performance

In order to bring these glasses to the masses the company has developed an adjustable lens technology called SlideLens. This consists of a pair of lenses which act together to correct an individual’s eyesight.

eyejusters reviewThe lenses are adjustable from between +0.00 to +3.00 Dioptres which should cover most cases of mild longsightedness.

eyejusters lensesThe beauty of this is that no professionals are required in the process of distribution or fitting. You can pretty much do this by yourself through trial and error or a simple reading test.

Eyejusters conclusion

I found the reading glasses remarkably easy to adjust and the black frames are smart enough to wear out without drawing unwanted attention.

The SlideLens tech really does work and I can definitely say that the 5 years of research that the Oxford-based company has put in to Eyejusters has no doubt already changed many people’s lives.

There are estimated to be 670 million people around the world living without the glasses they need, with 95% of the people in sub-Saharan Africa who need them going without. This is due to there being an average of one optometrist per one million people in that part of the world, compared to one per 10,000 in the United States and Europe … which is a frankly shocking statistic.

Closer to home, I can see Eyejusters being a popular choice for those that may have just started noticing that reading is getting a little tricky but are not yet ready to get their eyes tested. Saying that though, you really should have your eyes examined regularly by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Eyejusters price and availability

Eyejusters are available now direct from their website with prices starting at just £69 with free shipping.