Exuvius Titanium Multi-tool Collar Stays for Budding OO7’s

We all need to dress smart every now and then don’t we guys? We might have an office-bound desk job, an interview or wedding to attend and these all tend to require wearing a proper shirt – with a collar.

Now you can get your gadgety on thanks to Exuvius who have brought some collar stays to market that are fit for James Bond. And, what’s good for Bond is going to work for us yeah?

Let me start by saying that these stays are made from titanium to start off with. That’s gotta be worth some bragging rights already!

While you’re wowing your mates with the hi-tech metal keeping your collar tips looking good this is when you slip one of those bad-boys out and use it to open a bottle of cold beer.

Yup, these collar stays have a built-in bottle opener! Not only that, the tip also doubles as a screw driver and there’s a small blade sunk into the bottle opener for trimming any loose threads.

Now I think that $30 is a small price to pay for these when you see how much the likes of TM Lewin and Links will try to charge you for some stays that can’t open bottles and tighten screws!

Oh – remember not to wear them when flying to that business meeting – airport security wont care how cool they are 😉

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