Excuse me Miss – Can I Plug my iPhone into Your Solar Bikini Please?

With the weather getting more-and-more Summery a lot of female-kind are braking out their swim and sun-bathing wear. This in itself makes the world a better place. But combine the look of a skimpy two-piece with geek chic…. now you’re talkin!

Andrew Schneider, a designer out of Brooklyn, has devised this gadgety swimsuit which will not only keep the lady owner cool but will help prevent the world getting hotter.

You see, this is no ordinary shiny material maintaining the wearers’ modesty – the bikini contains thin, flexible photovoltaic film strips and USB connectors which has all been woven together with conductive thread.

This means that whilst sun worshiping the eco-minded lady is harnessing the power of the sun which can then be used to juice up music players and mobile phones!

How much does a solar-power bikini cost? Just $200 is the asking price of having a hand made (80 hours of hand-stitching) bathing garment that also happens to be able to power hand-held devices.

Apparently you can still have a swim wearing it – just make sure you’ve unplugged any charging devices before you dive in yeah 😉

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