Exclusive #VieraVIPClub guide to Panasonic Firefox OS

panasonic firefox osI may have mentioned before that I get the inside track on much of what’s happening at Panasonic as far as their lovely goggleboxes go. Well, it’s time to share the love as Panasonic have put two of their experts in front of the camera to take you through the new Smart TV operating system built in partnership with Mozilla.

Not so long ago I wrote up about the 2015 Panasonic Viera range and that some come equipped with the newly built Firefox OS.

I went through some of the details of the new operating system and user interface but Panasonic’s Michael Price can explain it so much better than I.

Enjoy as Michael shows you just how simple the new Firefox OS is to use on the new Viera range, alongside the latest 4K picture quality advances packed in to the CX800.

[youtube id=”0CBkNq9yMk4″]

For those still needing more, sit back and take in this exclusive interview with Andreas Gal, CTO of Mozilla, who will guide you though an in-depth look at the Firefox OS at Panasonic Convention 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, specially for the Viera VIP Club.

[youtube id=”n5jPTTLamzY”]

Now go and check the rest of the wonders Panasonic has to offer.