Every iPhone Fanboy and Girl Should Marvel at this Poster

Back in the day my walls were covered with posters and pages from magazines of greats like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Helloween, Warlock, Steve Vai, Dave Lee Roth, Testament, and so on. Now tech is taking centre-stage so what better than an iPhone family tree in poster form?

On this journey through time you’ll discover how a 1940s Hollywood star and Captain Kirk shaped the smartphones that we own today.

You’ll also get better acquainted with the iPhone’s great-grandparents Simon, PLATO and RISC, as well as discovering the superhet, memex and the Twisted Nematic effect.

The History of the iPhone is the first in a new series of Tech Family Tree posters that celebrate the culture of invention by the clever folk over at ZDNET.

There’s an interactive timeline which is all very well and good but nothing can replace the joy of sticking up a poster on your wall 🙂

The History of the iPhone is an A1 glossy full-colour poster ideal for designers, folk going off to Uni (will make a change from Che Guevara and Betty Blue), journalists and tech fans.

It’s available now from £23 inc postage and they can even supply a frame.

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