Evertune Bridge – Automatically Keeps Your Guitar Tuned

The Evertune Bridge looks pretty natty.

I’ve had many instances when one of my 6-string wielding brethren have suffered string slippage and ended-up playing not-so-sweet music.

Well axe victims, here’s an answer for all those guitarists who can’t afford to employ a stage-side guitar tech that’ll helpfully swap their nasty mistuned instrument for a lovely, clean and tuned one mid song.

The bridge keeps all strings tuned at all times. The maker who was showing this off at CES promises that the strings will not loose their tuning no matter what!

The only draw-back I can see is if you change your tuning for different tracks (say Drop D for instance) I’m taking it that the clever bridge will try and tighten that back up to an E.

This is still a great invention for all you standard tuning players though 🙂