Even the BBC Enjoys The Feeling of Schaudenfraud

slippery-stepsWe Brits love to talk/complain about the weather and enjoy having a good giggle at slapstick comedy.

This goes all the way through the institution of the BBC.

For some reason the Beeb had a camera aimed at London’s Waterloo Station and with a real sense of schaudenfraud filmed people falling down.

For those who don’t realise; it snowed recently and most of England was surprised and unable to cope.

At this point where we’d usually have News, Transport updates and a weather report – all this was generally covered by saying “snow!”.

I’m not entirely sure weather whether this camera was set-up purely for watching unfortunates in their leather soles injure themselves but click the link and watch the hilarity.

Click here to watch people slipping down the stairs of doooooooom!