Estelon adds XB loudspeaker to their luxurious X-series

Estelon XBEstelon has just announced the release of their Estelon XB, the much-awaited addition to their X-Series loudspeakers.

The Estelon XB shares the signature E-lon shape with the Estelon XA and Estelon X Diamond.

The XB has been designed for smaller listening rooms; however, the company tells us that:

The Estelon XB surprises its listener with a very defined and deep bass, clear and articulate mid and exceptional dynamics in high frequencies. The Model Estelon XB reproduces the finest nuances of music, giving the listener an impacting emotional experience.”

Estelon XB design

Estelon XBThe Estelon XB does have a striking design, but this goes way beyond its mere shape. The XB’s cabinets are cast using a patented marble based composite. Furthermore, it has been designed specifically to enhance the elements inside it. We are told that this is one of the main reasons why the sum of the speaker is bigger than its parts.


Estelon XBInside those striking cabinets sits a 220 mm German made Accuton bass driver. This uses a special ultra-stiff ceramic–sandwich dome. Also, it employs a FEA optimised overhung motor design with 38 mm titanium voice coil former. The end result is very low energy storage and good heat transfer.

The mid-bass unit, developed by Accuton. This sophisticated design focuses on the titanium voice coil former and the surrounding air gap to provide maximum freedom from dynamic compression. This is, of course, all in conjunction with the use of another ultra-stiff ceramic dome. Fitted within its own acoustic enclosure, all moving elements of the driver are ventilated for resonance free response.

The new 25 mm high frequency driver sports an ultra-hard ceramic dome with no ferrofluid filling. A unique FEA optimised underhung motor design with vented aluminium voice coil former and double neodymium magnet guarantees low energy storage, excellent heat transfer and high excursion capability for low power compression and ultra-low distortion.

Driver treatment

Before your Estelon XB leaves for delivery, each drive unit is “broken in” by running a signal through them for several hours before selecting matching pairs of drivers for each speaker pair.

Additionally, once the drivers are in matching pairs, another ‘break in’ is performed. Finally, drivers are fitted into the finished cabinet for individual tuning.

The components used were chosen through hundreds of listening tests based on subjective musicality – drivers, Teflon hybrid capacitors, inductors, Kubala-Sosna internal wiring etc.


Finally, all of the aforementioned speaker technology is unified by Alfred’s custom crossover. This enables the symbiotic performance of the elements after they are carefully tested. The crossover with Teflon hybrid capacitors and air core inductors is encased in a separate chamber to protect the crossover components from any microphonic effect.

Price and availability

The Estelon XB is available from and prices start from 28,500