eScooter announced by Allocacoc

allocacoc escooterAllocacoc, the industrial design company known for their PowerCube, has let us know about their light-weight and compact electric scooter. Here is the imaginatively named eScooter.

This new light and compact electric scooter weighs only 11kg. That’s around one-third the weight of regular scooters.

Allocacoc promises power and comfort, as well as removing some obstacles of using public transportation.

This looks like an awesome way of speeding up the daily commute.

eScooter details

escooter pairWhen folded up, the Scooter measures just 34 X 50 X 107cm.

This means that you can wheel the eScooter along easily and tuck it under your desk.

Unfolded, it measures 105 X 50 X 86cm. This is achieved easily in just two steps that takes under 5 seconds.

escooterGoes the distance

A single charge can get you up to 3 hours of travel.

The scooter will max out at 20km/hour so it can still be used in most bike paths around the world.

The scooter  even has burst-proof and inflation-free tires.

Price and availability

The eScooter is currently on Kickstarter from $449. Delivery is expected in February 2018.