Erick Sakal’s All-In-One Multi-Dock Speaker

sakal-all-in-one-speakersIf you’re short on space, need decent sound reproduction in the bedroom, kitchen or study then you probably have a good mini-system.

But then you have to find space for the speakers.

Even your iPhone dock might do the job but probably could look a little better.

Enter Erick Sakal and his alien-tech looking All-In-One Speakers concept.

As well as not taking up much room it has a multifunctional dock that also features wireless Bluetooth connectivity with your iPhone or iPod.

It packs in a subwoofer in the middle, a prime speaker on the top arm, and two tweeters on the side arms and would be available in 3 finishes.

What do you reckon?

Would you get one?

Have a look at his other designs and more groovy pics of this speaker solution at Erick Sakal’s Coroflot page.