Epson EB-710Ui projects 100-inch Full HD display with frikken lasers!

Epson 710-ui 1Display size and interactivity really matter in a teaching environment. Epson’s new laser EB-710Ui addresses them both with ultra-bright 100-inch Full HD images, and more.

The Epson EB-710Ui laser projector is able to squirt out bright and immersive Full HD images 100-inches across the diagonal.

Furthermore, there is dual-pen and finger-touch interactivity, and a suite of collaboration and sharing tools to make engaging lessons easier.

Epson EB-710Ui

Epson 710-ui projectorAt its core the EB-710Ui uses Epson’s 3LCD technology and its laser light source for clear, crisp and bright Full HD images.

The EB-710Ui projects 4,000 lumens of Colour Light Output (CLO). This makes its images ultra-bright and easily viewable in ambient light conditions.

Epson’s own Easy Interactive Tools software comes included with the product. These offer commonly used interactive functions, such as annotation, shapes and highlighting. Moreover, it also offers easy integration with Epson classroom visualisers.

Also there’s a one-year SMART Notebook software classroom licence is also included on redemption.

Additionally, the EB-710Ui is supplied with a 5 year / 12,000 hour warranty covering the projector and light source, delivering maintenance-free operation for maximum peace of mind.


The iProjection app, which comes included, is compatible with Windows 10, Mac, Android, iOS and Chromebook.

This allows students to use their own devices in the classroom. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is something that is increasingly common so this is an essential function.

Available as a free download for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Mac and Chromebook, iProjection allows students to display content from their own phone, tablet or laptop wirelessly.

Also, educators can stay in control with Epson’s simple Moderator function, enabling them to show content from single or multiple students when required.


Paul Wilson, business manager Visual Instruments, Epson UK, says:

The EB-710Ui is the first laser WUXGA ultra-short throw interactive display for education. It produces a scalable image up to 100 inches that far surpasses flat panels, whose size just doesn’t represent good value.

Its images are interactive and shareable, with dual-pen and finger-touch interactivity so students can join in by directly annotating on the projected image. This is even true when you combine two displays together to create a huge, wide interactive collaboration surface that encourages participation.

The EB-710Ui’s laser-light technology is also a lesson in easy maintenance, removing the potential costs and downtime traditionally associated with lamp-based projectors.”

Price and availability

The EB-710Ui is available from November 2017, priced at £3,032.16 RRP ex.VAT.

Key features

  • Scalable image (70 – 100 inch)
  • Dual pen and finger-touch interactivity
  • Full HD WUXGA resolution (1920×1200 pixels)
  • Ultra short-throw ratio (0.28:1) removes shadow and glare
  • 2,500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 4,000 lumens Colour Light Output (CLO)
  • Compatible with iProjection App for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Mac and Chromebook
  • Built-in 16W speaker and microphone input
  • Three HDMI inputs
  • Split-screen capability
  • Multi-screen interactivity
  • Supplied with bespoke wall mount
  • 5 year / 12,000 hour warranty as standard