EpicWin for List Writers – Get Things Done!

If you’re the type of person the writes loads of lists and then ignore them perhaps you need some more encouragement.

You may need EpicWin!

EpicWin aims to motivate users by turning your real-life things to do list into a role playing game for the iPhone.

This means that all your mundane but necessary tasks suddenly become quests – with each task completed being converted to level-up your character.

To get started on EpicWin you enter your to-do list and grade each entry by assigning a difficulty rating and a category – strength, stamina, intellect, social or spirit.

When you complete one of your chores you get to watch the battle between your character seeing off a mighty foe – then you get Experience Points according to how difficult the task was to achieve.

Yup, EpicWin is a to-do list RPG – if only there were more fun ways of getting things done.

Grab EpicWin from the app store.

Check out the vid below:

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