EOps i24R3 Portable – Single Unit Wireless Surround Sound Speaker

i24r3-portable-speakeWhy have I got a picture of a broken table/giant spinning-top/dartboard/archery target?

This is none-of-the-above as you can well imagine.

What that happens to be is the EOps i24R3 Portable.

The real, working, funkiness is a wireless, waterproof, single-speaker surround sound system that has just been announced by Hong Kong designer Michael Young.

The system is a single sealed sound chamber filled with four, 2.6 inch flat speakers and two 4.5inch passive radiator speakers which all snuggle up to a 2x10W Class D amplifier.

You can either hook this up to a wall socket or it will run off the built-in lithium polymer battery.

Looking around it you may become confused as there are no inputs.

To get your choonz pumping the i24R3 grabs your music over 2.4GHz wireless USB or A2DP Bluetooth – direct and wireless from the likes of iTunes and devices like iPhones.

Needless to say that there seems to be no word on price – but it does look pretty schweeeeeeeeet you must agree.

Or not?

Let me know 🙂

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