England Vs Belgium: Wave your Ambilight flag!

Philips World Cup Wave your flagThere has never been a better time for football fans to show their support for their national team and reveal their true colours. While only the very lucky few get to wave their national team colours live in the stadium, Philips Ambilight TV viewers are being offered the next best thing.

Get involved with today’s England match with the ‘Wave your flag’ app.

This nifty new app uses the unique Philips Ambilight technology to turn every game into a more immersive and exciting experience that’s also much more fun.

Get behind your national team

philips wave your flagAs you probably already know, Ambilight projects a halo of coloured light on to the wall behind your telly. That halo continually changes to match the on-screen action. This gives the impression of a larger screen and creates a more immersive experience.

Now, thanks to the free ‘Wave your flag’ app, viewers users can change the Ambilight effect to project the flag of any of the 32 national World Cup teams.

Furthermore, a special “Versus” mode allows both flags to be shown. One team flag is projected on one side and the opponent’s colours are shown from the opposing side of the TV. That’s one to split the room!

Alternatively, viewers can upload a favourite football image to link with the Ambilight effect.

Interactive fireworks and cheers

‘Wave your flag’ can also be used to celebrate goals and victories. Here you can have virtual firework display or a stadium wave. This can also be used to highlight fouls, red cards and penalties.

Even the cheers of the football party can be detected!  – via the activated mic in the user’s phone or a tablet – and used to intensify the Ambilight light show, encouraging fans to cheer their team to victory.

Download the app

The Philips ‘Wave your flag’ app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

After downloading the app, simply swipe top select your flag and then the opposing sides flag and then tap the Kick Off button!

Tapping on the interactivity button will cause the Ambilight to react. Also, the screen of the mobile device will mimic the effect by following the projected colours behind the set.

Finally, on the new 2018 Philips Ambilight TV sets, a follow the flag feature has been added to the Ambilight TV menu settings.