Engie car black box device and app review

Engie car maintenance app and device


Build quality




Ease of use







  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Easy to fit
  • Clear app
  • Quick way of checking car health
  • Good price


  • Not all cars appear in pick list

engie deviceEngie is a little Bluetooth device that you plug in to your car. Its job is then to tell you how your car is doing.

The Engie device and app launched in the UK on Wednesday so I have taken one for a test drive.

Engie is an Israeli startup and makes this car diagnostics device.

Not only does it help the less-mechanically minded better understand the health of their car, it is tied to a marketplace for local mechanics.

Engie design

Engie has two parts. One plugs in to your car, the other is the device’s companion app.

Engie hardware

The Engie device itself is pretty unexciting to look at, if I am to be painfully honest.

Engie dongleWhat you have is a rather functional-looking white plug.

I am guessing that the consumer device will come sporting the Engie logo, as seen in the first picture.

Engie device UKAt the business end of the device is a plug to attach it to the ODB II port in your car.

These are generally found lurking under the steering wheel column beneath the dash.

engie obd II fittedIn my Honda Mobilio Spike, it’s on the left-hand side against the central panel.

Once plugged in it lights up. Don’t worry, it’s not bright enough to cause a distraction even if it was in full view.

Engie app

The app is really friendly and, best of all, requires no knowledge of motorcars.

Once the device is plugged in, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone, and let them pair.

Engie app syncYou will have to start your car’s engine. Do not drive around whilst messing with the app – that would be silly, dangerous and highly illegal.

Engie performance

The first thing I must say is that the app could not find my car.

The device claims to work with most cars manufactured from 2002 except diesel cars, which are supported from 2005. The thing is, just to be awkward, my 2003 Honda is a Japanese import that I sorted out myself.

Not to worry though, even though it looks nothing like a Jazz, it does share some commonalities.

engie carsEngie app

Everything seems to work on the app too.

Engie app dashboardThe app dashboard shows the tests and results.

For the rest of the readings you have to take your vehicle for a spin.

I didn’t have chance til last night and so off I went.

First thing I noticed, once I had pulled up again, is that the dash actually acknowledged the battery this time. I think this is one of the things that needs the car to have been going for a while.

Engie battery readingsYou can drill down in to more detail too just by tapping the report.

What I particularly liked was that you actually get your MPG report, as well as other data from your journeys.

I know my 1.5 CVT auto isn’t the most frugal out there. I also only had it out for a quick blast around E17 which involves many speed humps and traffic lights.

Engie app MPGStill, seeing the read out is certainly food for thought. I am glad I only use the car for proper trips – ie: going out of London.

I am also relieved that my Spike is functioning as it should. Well, I only got it shipped over in September last year!

Engie mechanicsShould something go wrong, however, I can use the Engie app to sniff out a local garage for me.

Apparently, once a specific malfunction is detected, the Engie app will actually alert local repair shops in its marketplace. These will assess the problem and send back a quote for the work needed to be done.

This also forms the basis for the startup’s business model: it takes a 6% commission on each job booked via the app.

Engie review conclusion

Engie is a neat little package.

It is just like having a diagnostic black box fed to my smart device.

Engie device packagingThe device is easy to set up, as is the app. The app is clear and friendly and I like the extras, such as the mechanic marketplace. You even get to see TripAdvisor-style reviews and price comparisons for any work and parts required.

I am really impressed and look forward to seeing how its eco-system grows and functions.

Engie price and availability

Engie is out now in the UK priced at £14.99 for Android users or £19.99 for iOS.