Engage Unity Home Cinema – Minimalist and Simple Set up

Unity Home CinemaMinimalism and home theatre set-ups are a usually mutually exclusive. How can you get 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround without all the clutter? Check out the Unity Home Theatre System from Engage.

Unity comes from the impressive partnership between Todd Beauchamp, an ex-Apple audio engineer and Mike Fidler, who has a very strong marketing and engineering background gained with Sony.

It’s not the first time any of us has seen a sound bar and subwoofer combo but, as these are stacked upon each other, the T-Shape pedestal platform can take any flat-screen TV up to 60-inches and it features a single-wire connection using HDMI 1.4 and extra connections for iPhones and iPods and Ethernet.

Unlike most home cinema packages the beauty of Unity is that it can all be set up in under 15 minutes – right out of the box!

In that T-shape stand you’ll find an integrated Blu-ray/DVD player hidden in the dual 10-inch subwoofer enclosure. The top of the enclosure packs the LCD screen that displays information about the current input or playback information if a disc is spinning inside. The top portion of the system has several center (left/right) speakers and a 5.25-inch down firing mid range speaker underneath.

This neat little package will set you back $999 – well, that’s cheaper than the Geneva XXL!

It will be ready to buy in mid-2012.

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