Eneloop Music Booster to Power Your Guitar Effect Pedals

Most performing musicians will know the pain of trailing power to the front of the stage in order to power their effects pedals.

Amps and the like are easy enough catered for but, especially if you have vocal duties as well, pedals are usually positioned by the front stage/monitor/mic area and the latest product released under the Sanyo ‘Eneloop’ brand, the ‘Music Booster’, should help.

It’s a rechargeable DC 9V battery unit specifically designed for music devices.

Sanyo is marketing the product as a long-lasting 9V power source for effects and the likes. These devices are usually powered by an AC adapter or a 9V dry-cell battery, both of which might not be available or likely to run out when you least want it to.

Sanyo claims their lithium-ion eneloop battery (3.7 V, 7.35 Ah) can be used in locations without electricity to power those devices for hours. The maximum output is 2,000mA from the two power outputs.

The standard usage times will obviously depend on what device is being used with the eneloop booster. They can be as high as 50 hours for analog effects or considerably lower for electronic drums.

I still reckon that this can only be a good idea.

It takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the Sanyo battery and it the eneloop music booster will go on sale (in Japan first) on March 4, 2010 for £69 not including Brit Tax.

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