Elmoto HR2 – German Designed Electric Motorcycle

If the cost of public transport in this glorious capital keeps increasing then it may be time to find alternatives.

Apparently Boris wants us to cycle more – I’m all for being fit just not for being sweaty at the start of the day!

I’ve mentioned a variety of electric bikes on here from street legal Super Moto’s, an electric GP styled sports bike, and even an electric unicycle sportsbike thing.

If you’re looking for simplicity and purity of design though the Elmoto HR2 might be more up your commuter corridor.

The German designed HR2 is a lightweight battery bike that will whizz you about town at around 30mph.

You get sports suspension and disc brakes and with a high speed charger you can recharge the 25Ah battery to 80% in 2 hours and a full charge costs you about €0.70 and will take you 45 miles according to the Elmoto bean counters.

Expect to fork out around €3350 for one. Read more at Elmoto’s site.

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